Tim Boescke wins 2023 IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award

NaMLab likes to congratulate Tim Boescke for winning the 2023 IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award, for outstanding early to mid-career contributions to technologies holding the promise of innovative applications, with the following citation:

“For contributions to the discovery of ferroelectricity in hafnium-based oxides.”

Tim Böscke discovered the ferroelectric properties in doped HfO2 films at DRAM manufacturer Qimonda in 2006. The first publication of these exciting findings appeared in 2011 by Tim Böscke and collaborators at NaMLab and Fraunhofer CNT, five years after the first experiments. These findings led to a number of applications of ferroelectric capacitors, transistors, and tunnel junctions for nonvolatile memory applications to negative capacitance, logic in memory, neuromorphic computing, supercapacitors, and pyroelectric- or piezoelectric-based applications.

The award will be presented during the IEDM 2023 conference in San Francisco.