NaMLab gGmbH
Nöthnitzer Str. 64 a
01187 Dresden / Germany

T +49 351 2124990-00
F +49 351 2124990-99
info [at]

Contact Person

Scientific Director
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Mikolajick
T +49 351 2124990-20
Thomas.Mikolajick [at]

Financial Director
Dr. Alexander Ruf
T +49 351 2124990-11
Alexander.Ruf [at]

Team Assistance
T +49 351 2124990-12
info [at]


From airport Dresden to main train station

  • Take train number S2 from the airport to the main train station
  • Hotels: IBIS, Pullman; Intercity are just a 5 min walk

From main train station to NaMLab

  • Use bus #66 to south (Mockritz/Südhöhe)
  • Exit at ‚Mommsenstrasse‘ (3. stop)
  • Walk second on the right
  • Just walk on Zeunerstrasse until the end: small walking trail which ends on Noethnitzer Strasse
  • You will see the silver looking building across Noethnitzer Strasse: Hartmann Bau (Noethnitzer Strasse 64)
  • Namlab  is behind the blue/orange building
  • You can also walk to NaMLab in about 20-30 min.