NaMLab researcher wins ERC Starting Grant

Der Europäischer Forschungsrat unterstützt mit einem ERC – Forschungsstipendium ein zukunftsweisende Forschungsprojekte am NaMLab / The European Research Council supports a pioneering research project at NaMLab with an ERC Starting Grant

Technology permeates our lives in the daily routine: a multitude of intelligent interconnected devices on the edge of the network constantly helps us in carrying out our everyday tasks. However, to meet the strict power and memory constraints of edge devices and give them the ability to learn from their experience and collaborate together, a radical paradigm shift beyond the current Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology is required.

In MEMRINESS, Memristive Neurons and Synapses for Neuromorphic Edge Computing, Dr. Erika Covi and her team will exploit the physical properties of emerging memristive devices to create neurons and synapses that provide the necessary brain-inspired primitives to make low-power and memory-efficient edge smart devices able of online and collaborative learning. The newly developed neurons and synapses will be validated in a hardware spiking neural network and in three collaborative scenarios of increasing complexity.