Sustainable devices and renewable technologies are a core part of our research effort to protect the environment.

Climate change is the most important challenge our society is facing. NaMLab’s research is aimed at providing sustainable electronic systems. Nonvolatility in memories and logic circuits, as well as reconfigurability, can help drastically reduce the energy consumption of electronics. Toward this end, NaMLab works on ferroelectric materials and ferroelectric devices, resistive switches, and reconfigurable devices. An important element of all these research activities is to find novel device concepts utilizing new materials that will enable more energy efficient computing. Moreover, in the field of energy efficiency, the use of GaN power devices can significantly reduce the energy consumption of power systems, while dielectric layers for solar cells are important to increase solar cell efficiency and reduce cost in the quest to transform the energy system towards renewable energies. Nanowire anodes can increase the energy storage capacity of Li-Ion batteries and help solve the biggest challenge in renewable energy systems.